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Tips to Stay Saved in the Summer

  1. Acknowledge your weaknesses. The truth is you're probably not the only one that knows what/who makes you weak. Don't flirt with your flesh. Don't prepare the table for sin, then be shocked when you mess up. Stay away from people and places that tug on your weakness.

  2. Don't stop attending worship services. Everybody loves a good vacation during the summer. We're all for it! However, Jesus didn't take a break from us, so let's not take a break from Him. We need as much of God and His people as we can get. If you're never around the people of God, who will tell you when you're straying away?

  3. Examine and adjust your circle. If your circle consistently pulls on you to betray your morals or beliefs for "just one weekend", you need to adjust it. Salvation is not an act, it's a way of life. Get some girlfriends that love and LIVE for Jesus, and are not afraid to pull you back when you get off. We all need a reminder every once in a while.

  4. Don't listen to music contrary to the God you worship. Sis, nothing good can come from listening to Trey Songz and R. Kelly all day. We think it's harmless, until you can't figure out why you're so susceptible to lust, daydreaming about your ex, and having wet dreams.

  5. Don't dwell in places that your God is not welcome. "I'm not gone really dance or drink, I'm just gone go hangout." THEN WHY GO?! We have no business risking our witness to try and fit in anyway. Remember, because He loves you and keeps His word, God is with you wherever you go. Don't make Him stay in places that grieve His heart.

  6. Turn down the temptress attire. Modesty does not expire when it gets hot. Don't worry, we're not about to tell you that you should look homely all summer. However, if your breasts, entire back, and butt are exposed, you've left NOTHING to the imagination. Save SOMETHING for your husband's eyes only, sis.

  7. It's okay to say, "no". Peer pressure may rise when you are away from your friends. It was no coincidence that satan attempted to persuade Christ when He was alone. We are never truly alone when we follow Christ. Don't allow others to provoke behavior outside your norm because you are visiting.

  8. Take time out for Christ. It's summer and the books may be away but be sure to keep one present. God's word will be IMPERATIVE when we have seasonal changes that we aren't used to. 10-30 minutess a day is nothing compared to the 23.5 hours that we will have in the remainder of our day.

  9. Keep in touch with accountability partners even if you are traveling. They are there for a reason. You don't take 'breaks' from those who care about your spiritual walk. A simple, "Howdy" can be the determining factor in that situation you may have been pondering. Don't ignore God's grace that is placed around you for 98 degree weather.

  10. Live. Love. Laugh. It's summer and we want you to 'chill' out for the summer. We simply want you to stay the course and not grow weary. It's not going to be easy and you may make mistakes but know that you are LIVING because of God's LOVE.

Stay safe and saved this summer,

Bri & Mo

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