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We began as a faith-based blog site in April 2014, and grew to be a physical ministry: a place where REAL women encourage REAL women in all aspects of life. We are based out of Jonesboro, AR where we provide bi-weekly Bible studies (Sister Circles), community service projects, and a mentorship program with a local school. Digitally, we offer blogs, devotion, and other online inspiration. Our team consists of women who are not afraid to serve, reach out, and be authentic. We are by no means perfect, but have every intention to please a perfect Savior.

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Mo'Nique & Brianna met in college at Arkansas State University, and sparked a friendship turned kingdom partnership in 2013. Mo'Nique Grant (left) holds a Masters degree in Communications and is a licensed educator. She's also a proud wife & mother, co-owner of Grant's Global Transportation and sings tenor in all around go getter in heels, with a love for the youth, undeserved communities & sneakers. Brianna Rodgers (right) holds a Master degree in Family Therapy and is a licensed therapist in the state of Arkansas. As a graced encourager, she has a passion for the overwhelmed, the overlooked, and the broken.

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