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31 For the Worthy One

We’re excited to announce our 31-Day challenge: 31 For the Worthy One. This is the much anticipated finale of our “Closer” VLOG Series.

Here’s how it works: Beginning August 1, we will post a daily challenge for you. The challenges range from journal prompts to self-care tasks. 😊

The challenges are broken up into 5 categories. Week 1: The Basics Week 2: Journal Prompts Week 3: Community Week 4: Self-Care Days 29-31: Bonus 😝

Sign up today to join our #31ForTheWorthyOne challenge. When you sign up, you will receive weekly tips & motivation from us on this challenge during the month of August. Sign up here.

You may also purchase the 50+ page devotional that goes along with this challenge. Please note that it is not necessary to complete the challenge, but it is a valuable contribution to the challenge and your spiritual walk.

This challenge begins August 1!

Pretty Proverbs Team

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