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Sneakers & Stilettos: Balancing the Real World

From Brianna:

Balance. How many of us have it? How do you balance being a full-time college student, part/full time employee, daughter, friend, girlfiriend, and most importantly a FULL TIME Chrisitan? Well, I've just figured out the answer: one day at a time.

Here's a few suggestions:

  • Time management (Consider what must be done now and what can wait. Plan your day. Leave room for unexpected things.)

  • Adopt the word "no". (It's okay. Know your limits, and let your peers know them as well.)

  • MAKE time for YOU. (When I need "me" time, I like to get up really early and take a bubble bath with a book before I start my day.)

  • Don't be so hard on yourself. (I'm still working on this. My perfectionist mentality causes me to put unnecessary pressure on myself. I'm learning that if I stop expecting perfection, I won't be so disappointed when things aren't perfect.)

  • Accept help! (Utilize your resources. Tutors for students, family for sitters, friends for advice, and the best one...GOD for everything. Stop and talk to Him. Ask Him for help. When He sends it...take it.)

Failed today? Try again tomorrow. Find peace in knowing that you are NOT the only one. There's absolutely nothing wrong with strutting your stuff in your stilettos...just keep your sneakers in your purse or car :-)

From Mo'Nique:

Are there times where you just want to throw on your favorite pair of sneakers and just wind completely down ? Personally, I prefer my pair of red and black retro 12 Jordan's over my patent leather pumps on any given day!

However, the reality of it is at some point in our lives we have to learn to balance both worlds. We have to be able to transition without missing a beat. This can be overwhelming at first. Life doesn't stop because we didn't pack our favorite pair of flats; you just have to know when to keep stepping.

As women striving after Christ, we sometimes are expected to have it all together. Realistically, we are facing the same issues as anyone else. Because we are indeed trying to live right, the enemy throws even more traps and snares in our direction to distract us from our overall purpose. It's okay to pull those sneakers out sometimes to get the job done. It's all about balance. Pray for discernment in decision making, continue to meet deadlines, and even make sure you include those moments where you just need to take time out for yourself.

Being a Christian woman is a FULL time job, but hey, someone has to do it. Why not look good doing it?? So grab those six or five inch heels and those fly sneakers and "WORK!"

P.S. We realize not all women wear high heels, but you get our point ;-)

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