A Letter to You

May 22, 2019

Hey there! We know, we know...it's been a while. Our team has experienced a lot of changes over the past few months, so we took a break to regroup. As some of you may know, I (Brianna) recently lost my mother to cancer, and my sister Mo'Nique has been busy with my new beautiful niece River. We thank you for your patience and for staying connected with Pretty Proverbs.

We have recently made some changes within our organization in an effort to better serve and connect with you! While we can't reveal EVERYTHING, here's what we CAN tell you:

  • You'll be hearing from us A LOT more

  • Our VLOG Series returns this summer

  • Sister Circles are coming back in August!

  • We’re re-booting our #ShineGirlShoutOut campaign!

  • We are hosting more physical and virtual events for you to attend

We’ve missed connecting with you. Thank you for being patient with us. 😊 Let’s do this!


All my love,



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